blicks and toon with Texture-node

Testing Texture-node…

Each surface of a blick is distorted by weight.
And, Blicks have shiny surface than mortar.

Here is another test of Texture-node.
dots and scratch screen-tone for Toon rendering.


Very interesting !


Good work - but I have recreated your pictured “dots and scratch screen-tone” texture node - not really getting the same result as you. What are the settings for texture mapping to the mesh? Any chance of a .blend?

I second that request… very interesting result, but I can’t see how you get the dot texture into the node setup.

Hi Ekakiya,

What version of 249 did you use please? Does your brick file render the same way in Blender 249.2?
The brick node texture seems to be mapping as 3D procedural texture in your image but I can only get it to map in 2D regardless of the mapping settings. I’m trying to see if I’m missing something or if it’s a bug with the brick node in 249.2. The checker pattern maps in 3D as expected so I don’t think it’s a setting on my end. :confused: Mah!

Thanks for your help and experiments!

Another example of tile node.

UVW mapping for Dots are a little complicated with dynamic-node.
I’ll clean up and upload blend file later!


Please, ekakiya, give us more! Very, very interesting stuff.


Can someone please confirm whether the brick pattern is supposed to work as with 3D mapping because I have only been able to map it in 2D.

In Ekakiya’s pictures it appears to be work with 3D mapping.