BLightStudio for BLender

The great Software which is does not exist for Blender yet. I decided to create something like that in Blender by myself. I am not a script guy, so I am sure it can be done better, so I am showing my idea here, and if someone can convert this for a nice Blender plugin it would be great! HDR real lights are from

My BLightStudio scene you can download here

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This is great :wink:

wow, the idea and execution is mind blowing, thanks for sharing

edit . looks like textures are not packed in file, can You upload/show us how the ramp files looks like ?(rampB rampC rampCUT)

I thought about doing this for a long time, but you preceeded me :wink:
Love this, i would really like to see how far will this go :slight_smile:

Neato… Can’t wait to test it out. Thank you.

great idea and thanks for sharing!

The light paint functionality reminds me of what MHammond did 2 years ago, take a look it’s really cool! I’ve got to try this again.

          <b>Painting with Light in Cycles!</b>

thanks for your work

And it works !

oh ok I have to download the textures first :o

Yeah there are also here

:slight_smile: I will upload ZIP file tomorrow :slight_smile:
sorry for the mess :slight_smile:

fun to use. User friendly. And works well.

Hello :slight_smile:
I did the test. I think it works :smiley:

Really good :wink:

I’m liking this. But how do I do a G-Z-Z translate of the mesh lights to move them closer or farther from the subject?

Thanks :slight_smile:
Riveter unfortunately you dont have this option.
For the moment it’s just scale option for the lights.