Bligify: Animated GIF Export/Import

I willl try to use it as a anim gif DECODER. That is to take some anim gifs that I have downloaded and separate them out into individual pictures for editing. I will let you know my results and procedures if I succeed.

I also seem to be having the problem of getting no .gif file, just a folder of .pngs.

What operating system are you using? Did you check the installation section of the readme?

I am using Windows 10 64 bit with Blender v2.79, I have looked at many times to make sure I haven’t missed a step, watched the video, though it seems slightly outdated.

Yeah the video is outdated. You have to go to the releases page and download the one called “”. Make sure to uninstall the old one and remove it completely. Let me know if you have any troubles at that point.

Yeah, I just did that before I saw this, it works now. The one I originally downloaded was from a link someone left me on Twitter to your Git page.

Thank you! Sorry for the trouble

Will importing and exporting .gif animation files be supported in Blender 2.8?