Bligify: Animated GIF Export/Import

I made my first addon, an animated GIF exporter and importer called Bligify. Let me know if you find it useful.

The panel shows up on the right-hand side of the sequencer.




Aaaaaiii!!! Love you. :smiley:

Your first addon…Wow

It looks like it’s very easy to use…Blender have missed a Gif Importer.
So it is a Very useful Addon You have made here.

Thank You so Much…Cheers


Wow, I just read about Spritify which can render out an animated GIF. The programmer even did it without Gifsicle…

I guess I’ll leave mine up anyway because it has an import function and the FPS 10 button is pretty handy for me. BTW, I fixed some bugs so if you downloaded it before, it should be better now. Thanks for your comments–those are encouraging.

Good addon. Thanks and good luck

I just wanted to let people know I’ve renamed this addon to bligify. The old name (GIF_Render), wasn’t very good, and didn’t show up well on google. bligify is a little more specific. Also, if you want the new version, you should uninstall the old one first.

Excellent addon. It would be a great addition to be part of the blender. Thank you

This is a great addon, thanks :slight_smile:

Can this extension import gifs as animated textures for other objects?

I used it yesterday to edit an existant gif, it works very well, thanks.

Bligify actually converts your animated GIF to a PNG sequence, then imports that to the VSE. The PNGs are stored in a folder in the same location as the animated GIF. You can use the image sequence the same way you would use any other image sequence in Blender.

Super useful… thanks so much for making this.!!

Thanks for all the support! I made some updates today that gives users more control over the quality of the GIF that is created. Let me know if you think something could be better.

Good job on the addon. If i ever get it to work as it should it will help me a lot.
Right now, when i try to export a gif it asks me to input a name and select a fodler for the file, but once it renders, all that’s in the selected folder is a folder of exported PNG’s, but there is no GIF file anywhere.

Maybe i’m doing something wrong.

VERY useful and great work but I want to make some pixel art from 3d models and the addon adds antialising, isn´t it? But I think I´m using an older version of the addon, I will try again because I dont have that option “Color=256”…

Anyway, great addon and thanks for your work!!

This is BRILLIANT!!!

great ty for that addon


I have updated the addon so that Mac users can now use it as well. (The only caveat is that using it requires Blender to be opened with the terminal. I’m still not sure why)

Before, I was packaging ImageMagick and Gifsicle executables, but I have decided that users should install these separately so that users on other OS’s don’t have to have extra files in their download.

I also put bligify up on the AUR for those who use Arch Linux. You can find it as blender-plugin-bligify

I’ve used your plugin on my Os X. Possibly the best route for compatibility is have Os X users install imagemagick and gifsicle with something like Homebrew
Really on *nix like system launching Blender by command line is the default, and is needed to have a shell hook for Blender to find external program under the system path.
I would vote graphics magick over image magick for the cleaner interface… though…
I’m gonna test your new version

I have updated this so that Mac users no longer need to open Blender from the terminal in order for it to work.