Hello fellow blenderheads!
Here’s a current project im working on.
It’s for my little sister. she asked me to make her a piece similar to my previous one (/uploads/default/original/4X/5/f/4/5f48d8768ee70b76181f109d98eced4b592285a4.jpgd=1435445651 ).

For the twine, i followed Reyn’s tutorial.

To keep true to the handcrafted feel, i decided to use paperclips!

Looks cool. You could put a white mouse as the pilot.

Thanks for the suggestion and the appreciation!


Meanwhile here’s a close up of the paperclip.

And here’s a view from the back. I modeled a matchstick as a lever for the ruder, fixed into position by a bandage :smiley:

Some push pins as anchors for ropes holding the boat and the balloon.

looks really cool so far! I love the details and the ideas! :wink:

You should try to put another picture for the thread, I couldn’t really see what it was before opening it!


thank you!
im not sure though what you mean by putting another photo for the thread. :confused:

I mean the thumbnail picture that appear in the wip forum.