Blitz Chibi | Rainbow Six Siege | Animation

(avemagnadude1) #1

Hey guys!

Here’s my latest personal project I’m calling finished. Blitz is my favorite character from the game Rainbow Six Siege. Apparently, the chibi version of him is a good representation of the character’s hitbox in-game. :smiley:
With a shield that barely covers his body, I think they need to give this guy another buff.

Take a look at the turntable :smiley:

For the project I used Blender for modeling and rendering, Substance Painter for the textures, and MotionBuilder for the animation.

(alf0) #2

nice work !!!

(avemagnadude1) #3

Thanks alf0! :smiley:

(Member) #4

Very awesome this should be featured…

(avemagnadude1) #5

Thanks for the kind comment haha