Does anyone hear use Blitz3D or another Blitz product? To anyone who doesnt know what this is it is a product for game design that is a lot easier than languages like c++.

One won’t get very far when using Blitz products. There are much better, free alternatives for game development like Python with PyGame. There’s also another plus to learning python: you can make plugins for Blender :smiley: .

Hi Manutd,

I looked at Blitz Basic and 3D and decided to go with Blender GE, Python and pyGame instead. Besides being free, the support community for Blender is about as good as it gets. I’ve already found a bunch of sample .blend’s, all sorts of good advice in the forum archives, and my questions are almost always answered in hours or minutes. It would be hard for anyone to beat that. Blitz might be pretty good, but I’m gonna give Blender GE/Python a go first.

all of this is true, but with blitz you can shorten dev time. Also, it is easier to understand than python. i recommend c++ to anyone serious about making games. This is the language that ALL console games and most computer games use :smiley:

There are 3 other GE you might want to take a look at if you haven’t already:

3D RAD which looks real easy to use.

3D Impact which is a new higher end GE from the same developer.

Irrlicht an open source GE that looks very nice.

3D RAD looks about as easy as it can get, and some of the effects look pretty decent. Price very reasonable, but downside (from my perspective) is that it’s Windows only.

3D Impact has some really nice effects and supports VBasic, Delphi and C++ (which maybe more programming than I’m ready for) and the price is also very reasonable. Again, this GE is Windows only.

Irrlicht looks nearly as good, is open source, and supports a number of OS’s (Windows and Linux for now), although it’s not a beginners GE by any means.

For now, I’ve bought a book on Python and downloaded all the Blender GE tutorials/demos I could find. I’m hoping I’ll be able to do everything I need to in Blender. I’ve also downloaded the “free” version of 3D RAD to give it a go.

Python can shorten dev time also, because it’s a scripting language. You make a big game and now you have a choice whether to hard code the game logic with C++ or in a higher-level language so designers can code their own stuff without bothering the programmers.

Some languages like C# offer more control than scripting languages and short development times than lower-level languages like C++.

Can’t argue with blitz being easier to understand than python since I’ve never used the two.

What about old console games like SNES and earlier? Those were programmed using ASM…

As for recommending C++, you have to realize that each job has a right tool for it. See the game logic example above…

I’m not against blitz products, just think that people who use them should realize that you can’t do everything with em (theoritically you can, but it will be very difficult). I like more general languages since I apply them in more ways. Seond, I like the word “free” as in $0, that way if I try something like python and find out that programming is not for me, I don’t feel bad about wasting money. Maybe I bought 3DS Max because I found 3D modelling looks interesting, only to find out a couple weeks later that I hate it; I could have same a bunch of money in the first place by trying out free alternatives .

py game is 2d. why use it, why not use dark basic? GAME MAKER is free its at www.gamemakerpages. somthing somthing somthing…

As for recommending C++, you have to realize that each job has a right tool for it. See the game logic example above…

Thats true, i was just pointing out that if you want to design for the xbox,gamecube, or ps2 you should learn c++. Another reason to use c++ is that it is one of the most powerful languages available. Now i dont want to start a programming languages war, each has its own strengths and weeknesses. Choose whats right for you, depending on your situation. If you need a compiler, i recommend Dev-C++ or DJGPP. i know that Dev-C++ is open source! However if your really serious get Visual C++.