Blizzard Contest Entry. "Nachtvogel"

Hey guys

Here’s my final entry for the low poly blizzard entry. She’s a Nachtfogel, a new type of creature. Imagine a blend between Nightelf and bird. What do you think?

i like the feathers is that a particle thing or somekinda texture deal? eitherway its nice


the feathers are simply alpha textures

Good stuff. “Nachtvögel” actually means “night birds”, though. The singular is “Nachtvogel”.

Edit, didn’t see the title at the bottom of the picture…

Glad to see someone else was submitting… but did you get your entry through the web form? I’ve been trying for six hours and still no luck.

Well actually i submitted mine yesterday, so it was fine. I’m guessing theres a ton of server traffic right now

NICE work, too bad mattimus didn’t put in his entry on time, because you guys might both win both catagories :smiley:

That would be something, huh?

Nice low poly work