Blob in smoke simulation

Hi, a quick question: why do a thick blob of smoke always appear in a smoke simulation? :confused:
I wonder since the blob-smoke seem to have a higher velocity than the smoke generated after it, and it sometimes look wierd in animations.


Can you please explain what do you mean with “Blob of smoke” ? Can you post screenshot or a .blend file?

You know, the mushroom cloud effect that always appears the first frames in a smoke sim…

It just look wierd in this project: RökPortal.blend (458 KB)

As you see the smoke is much thicker and faster in the beginning but slows down later.

I’m also working on a smoke animation at the moment and I noticed that first burst of smoke that looks always the same, too. You can animate the surface and volume settings of the flow object to slowly increase for the first few frames of your animation. I also used a cloud texture in the smoke flow advanced settings to further randomize the emitted smoke. And you can also animated the offset and/or size of the texture.