Block Breaker

Hello. I been trying to work with Blender’s buggy bge for some time now. After learning a few things to get around some problems I came up with a simple game called block breaker. My first attempt at this was to create a game w/o any scripting, just logic bricks. Then after learning the basics of python, I made a 2nd version with a new twist. I pretty much got the idea from Arkanoid. Afer making the basic concept, I did something a bit different for Level 3.

Download Blockbreaker v1.2.1 @

I have included the no-code version as well in the zip. Read the reamme file for an overview. I hope you enjoy level 3. If you have any problems like missing files or w/e please let me know. I have packed most of the files into the blend file so there shouldn’t be any issues.

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I am currently redoing level 1 with better graphics, but I am better at the scripting and logic bricks than I am as a artist. I also want to rename this project. I am planning on calling it “Xenophobia” but that is just an idea. I also intend on adding a story behind the different environments I will make.

Atm this game is based in a space ship environment; though, I guess it doesn’t looka much like one at the moment. You’re identity will be a new life form created by the ship’s AI. THe ship’s AI gets infected by a form of chaos, you have to fight your way into the AI core and destroy it. Then you see a video of your capsule moving to another planet for another environment and more complex blocks to bust through.

I know the first level of this game is dull, but if you can play through to the 3rd, I’d like to know your opinions and some ideas on what name to give this thing.

I am currently working on a graphics overhaul for levels 1 and 2. I am currently having a fps issue atm on level 1 whenever I play an animation on my “Ready? Begin!” object.

Looking good

What I usually do is render out the text as an image (maybe 512x512 depending on the word) and then just display it using a plane with alpha texture in BGE. It will save your performance greatly as you won’t need all those extra verts.