Blocky clouds using Evee volume

Hi there!
I am trying to create clouds for my scene. I use clouds with small details for displacement, I set a high density, a high vocel count and then in Rendering I set Tile size to 2 and samples to 128.

No matter what i do the render looks like its made out of blocks.

There are many tutroials on volumetrics but they don´t reallt go into this super deeply.
Any help would be great since I don´t know what I am doing wrong.

In other words, how can I up the resolution of the cloud?



Hi Gabriel.
Cloud expert here.

I see your viewport is set to 16 samples. can you amp it up to 32?
Also: What kind of graphics card do you have?
You seem to have done all the right steps. May I see how the modifier looks? I want to see the settings there too.

You’re doing great. It’s probably one small little parameter not set, and I want to help you on this one.
Let me know.

Hi there. Here is what I have . I render in Evee since I animate using it and dont really want to switch.

Any ideas?

OK so I upped everything. And got this result.

Right. After a pretty long render I got a lot more details. But overall I don´t think I need to push it this high.

Overall I feel pretty happy with it now :slight_smile: :smiley:

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You got it, champ!
I think looks good now.
Also, create an icosphere. Select it. Then, select your m.ball (metaball?) Then press ctrl+L and select link modifers.

Does the icosphere appear blocky?
I believe the resolution of the metaball could be the issue for blocky-ness

Overall: Congatulations!

Alternatively, you can combine lesser dense puff (volume) objects, and “construct” much detailed areas instead of using a lot of displacement modifiers. :wink:

That is interesting. You mean many objects with different amounts of polygons that I then turn into volumes?

I have to try it out and see what happens.

Thanks for the tips !