Blocky, 'pixelated' mesh

Hey all! First time here, just started using Blender. It is FANTASTIC. Anyway, I was wondering why whenever I make a mesh it always turns out ‘blocky’ or ‘pixelated’ even after I smooth it with the sculpting tool. In my screenshot, you can see my mesh and then another mesh that looks a TON smoother, yet has less polys. Any help?


Alternatively, in this next picture, I duped the head mesh and used it to sculpt out a head dress. And it looks smooth. Help?

  1. Select the part of the mesh that you want to appear smooth or solid and use “set smooth” or “set solid” in the “editing” buttons panel. Solid is the default
  2. if not enough, you can apply “subsurf” modifier" to your mesh.


That’s exactly what it was! Thank you so much! Man… I feel like such a noob hahaha!