Blonde at the Pool

Hey there, guys!

Wanna show my last work based on Caylee Cowen.
Tried to make a more finished render, with peach fur, hair particles system and everything.

The werewolf clay version and the blender’s screen, because I like to show it.

I feel that I’m having problems showing the face details and the SSS it’s kinda erasing it.
All feedbacks are welcome!

You can follow me on Artstation and Instagram, if you want.


Great work, congrats.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


Very good work! And so detailed, especially the eyes :star_struck:


You’re on the #featured row! :+1:


She’s so cute, Grate work!

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Wow!! You build all the entire scene it’s looks like someone took picture of pretty lady in the pool and she upload this on ig. Good work!

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I feel like this is bordering on soft porn…whilst the modelling of the hair is impressive, I’m not sure if this sort of content should be on the #featured row. In this day and age we should be moving away from the excessive objection of women in the 3D world. Ask yourself this, would an image of equal technical standard showing a man in this way ever make it to the #featured row?

You’re absolutely right - I had missed this. I’m removing it from the featured row and our social media, and added the #nsfw tag.

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my eyes are out of focus.

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thanks, mate!

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Thank you!

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ahaha there’s already a story telling.

wait… wha… WHAT?!
I understand your position @bartv but bordering soft porn couldn’t be further from the truth.

  • It’s not a suggestive expression or position in any of it.
  • There’s no nipples, not even the color of it… and I’m not saying that isn’t showing, the model doesn’t have!

I have to make breastless woman to hit the #feature or be on the social media?

Ask yourself this, would an image of equal technical standard showing a man in this way ever make it to the featured row?

YES! please! Or would be a problem in put a nice work of a hot dude?
Or are you just telling me that people only liked the piece because it is a woman?

excessive objection of woman in the 3D world.



Yeah sorry, but the see through wet blouse was a bit too much.

Ok, I understand.

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A fantastic work of art. Beautiful and smart! Your image of her is pretty good too.

CG magic! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:



ahahaha thanks!

Please don’t feel bad. when I see your comment I remembered this scene from movie “The Aviator(2004)”.


ugh common none cares :roll_eyes: