Blood Right Character - WIP

Hey all.

Started this model after drawing up the concept at work ( lazy :wink: )
really looking forward to texturing this and playing with the skin-branch colours.

I still need to do another detailed sculpt pass with pores veins etc.
I did that last night but lost it all due to blender being blender.

Great start!
Really like the expression he has on his face, kinda reminds me of Pinhead :slight_smile:
Can´t wait to see some more!
Keep it up :wink:

Thanks ! :slight_smile:
Uv unwrapping the twigs is challenging to say the least ! haha
I based the expression on Christopher Walken’s face except a lot younger on my model.

this photo here -

refined the clothes a little, added a normal map to the skin for pores and cracks in the wood-ish areas.
Not as much as I would of liked to get done today due to so many tech issues but it is back on track :slight_smile:

Wow, insane! :smiley: Great job.

Thank you Sir ! :slight_smile:

This is pretty cool.

After a 11 hour blender session I now think it is time for bed.
I am new to 3D so I am a slow worker haha

A few things I can see need fixing.finishing.

  • the empty spaces on the gold trim need some detail. and maybe a ridge
  • some sort of artifice on the right shoulder resulting in a black line.
  • and on the ridge of the collar the patten seems to have stretched.
  • also note that the stitches on the green wrapping isn’t great. I spent along time trying to get that to work and got pretty frustrated so I am letting that be for now.

Hope you all like it so far :slight_smile:

Update so far.
Ps. anyone know if it is possible to render certain materials with different Sample values from the lamps ?

I need high samples for the clothing but only a quarter of the value for the skin. and rendering with the samples high takes a very long time for the skin and not the clothes. so it would be nice to not have to spend that time on parts that don’t need it.
As you can see the fabric gets a bit noisy in the shadows. I used 5 samples per lamp for the skin and this took 2.7 hours .

I need the samples around 10 for the fabrics.

I retextured, and tweaked a lot of stuff since my last render so I got set back a couple days.
But just thought I would post this for anyone is interested.

While I was adding my beard I noticed in the reflection of my monitor that your skin is almost completely covered in small light hairs that glow in any strong rim light.

Took me a few times to work out how to acheive it but attached is my result. note along the edges of the skin

  • I used a texture map to single out the areas i wanted (this only works for stills so far i imagine)
  • gave it a material with a z transparency , 0 alpha
  • add specular RGB (0.64,0.628,0.626) , 0.39 intensity
  • add 0.188 translucency
  • work out how dense you want the particles.

as you can see in my pic. the way it shows on a hard material compared to SSS skin is very different.
So i just need to trim the hairs and reduce it to the very edge.
I have also fixed his beard since this render as well.

Does anyone know a better/different way to achieve this ?

I also applied the same technique to the clothing to mimic loose and torn stitches

Don’t know about your questions, but it needs more cowbell.

Being a musician i hear “needs more cowbell” a lot as a kind of “not cool enough term” haha
What did you mean by that?

No – it’s very cool. Just everytime I see a picture of Walken, it reminds me of the classic skit.

If you want an honest critique – I think the biggest problem with a lot of CG portraits is too strong SSS. IMO, less is better than more. Less time on SSS more time on perfecting the spec map

Okay cheers. I will keep that in mind before submitting it as finished.
This is my very first peace so the learning curve has been huge haha.

thanks for the comments and info.

Not long to go now !

I need to redo the stitching on the green wrapping.
Eyebrows and lashes.
Adjust the glint beneath the right eye
Randomise the top edge of the moustache and refine the line so its not growing on the top lip .

Not sure how If I will crop it to this size in the end BUT I feel having the full torso was a little pointless and of focus ?

I just have to say that this character is so cool.

This is an awesome project. very cool

Great Job. This looks really cool !

Thanks everyone ! really do appreciate the comments. :slight_smile:

The render above had no specularity because i couldn’t get it working before.
After a few hours of bashing my head here it is with proper specularity on the skin pores.
Now it actually looks as if his skin has a thin oily coat, Note they nose, eyelids and lips.