Implementation of 3D object on a photo to personal project. I wanted to do something realistic and try the simulation of fluids, but there was better outcome by creating the object with my own hands. Thanks for the comments.

Blender 2.49, Blender Internal, Camera: iphone 3G:

This is cool!

However, I would think about adding some noise, blur, and grain to match the image in GIMP or Photoshop :slight_smile:

This project could come out very realistic with a bit of “dirtying up” of the CG :smiley:

Sorry, I forgot!, Postprocessing is performed with Camera-Kit, image editor software for iPhone.

The lighting doesn’t match up very well the big bright spot on the hand doesn’t reflect on the blood. also kind of like magician dude said, add some grain and maybe slight sepia to the blood but not the rest of the image.