Bloody Halo's

I cant get the bloody thing to work !!

I know the guitar tutorial but I still can’t get it to work and it is driving me mad!!

I would realy like a screenshot of the tool bar when its set for a halo (to see what I’v misssed.

Thank you in advance.

Anybody :-? :-?

What do you get instead of halo?

Well, we really need more info before we can help you there. Can you be a bit more specific about the problem?

Basicly I can’t get a halo efect (rays of light coming in throught a window ) I was wondering what I haven’ t done wright.

I was hoping I could get a screenshot of the tool bar ( the one at the bottom of the page ) whith settings that would give a halo efect or some kind of tutorial that isn’t the guitar one because i jvae seen that one.

I am very sorry for my English I hope you can help.

So, you meant not the halo material, but volumetric light? Did not work wit h this, but I have an idea for you… This is not laziness, or prejudice, or anything, but could You post your settings (or better entire .blend) instead? I bet that you’ll get more useful responses by doing so, not by just asking for screenshot.

It’ s ok i found out what I’v done wrong sorry for wasting your time.

could you tell us what you were doing wrong?