Bloody Mary Crow Claw Chain

I am trying to make a chain link. It is from a Japanese silver accessory company called Bloody Mary. I am still learning. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

crow chain link.blend (423 KB)

you didnt include the reference image in the blend file, and i cant find anything when googling Bloody Mary Crow Claw Chain.

Here is the image used in the file.

This is what the necklace looks like.

Thank you so much for creating the model. I am very sorry if you can spare any more time can you maybe take a couple screenshots of the model in earlier stages of modeling? I just want to understand how it was created to help me learn.

#4 Used W -> bridge edge loops on one side at a time and set number of cuts and 0.75 smoothness
#7 used shrink/fatten with alt+S and W -> smooth to get the forms rounder


chainlink_ja12.blend (133 KB)

Thank you so much. The file is really helpful.

I am trying to make again now and I still don’t understand how to model top and bottom parts simultaneously with a modeling array. Is there a tutorial for something similar?