Bloody Mary the Mirror Witch- Happy Halloween!

Don’t look in her eyes!

Blender Render

Wireframe and Hair Particles

You can read more about the creation of the Bloody Mary image in this ‘Behind the Scenes’ article on BlenderNation:

I made this Hallow-weird Spooky image of Bloody Mary for an Instagram challenge called ‘Storytober’ hosted by @artbysteffani. All done in Blender apart from the final colour tweaks, some film grain and vignette.

I used the project as a chance to get up to speed with a few aspects of Blender - still a lot to learn but my knowledge of the hair system and creating eyebrows was given a massive boost following @Nazar_Noschenko1 's tutorials on YouTube- so huge thanks to you Nazar!

The skin I made is fully procedural and currently a massive spiderweb of confusing nodes but definitely something I want to develop a bit more to allow me to quickly texture characters ranging from undead/creatures to humans.

Shine, veins, freckles, wrinkles, subsurface and spottiness are controlled with vertex painting- I wanted to see how much I could do with a very simple cartoon base mesh without additional hires sculpting and normal maps, but these could definitely be used to add more detail and definition.

Bloody Mary or the Mirror Witch is a spirit said to appear if you stare into a mirror and say her name 13 times- She might reveal your future or more likely damn your soul to eternal suffering -so probably best to steer clear!

Thanks for taking a look- hope every one has a spooky and fun Halloween!


Awesome character! :100:
Great job on everything!! :+1:

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Thanks Travis! Glad you like it :grinning: This was something a bit different for me- I learned a lot in the process :+1:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

That’s Fantastic news- Thanks Bart! Hope you have a great weekend too! :grinning: :+1:

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hello can you share you node setup from the blendernation images but in closeups please? the blendernation ones are too much small to scroll in…

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Hi Michael, Here’s a bigger version I hope it’s readable! I don’t know how much use it’ll be- the Shader is still a work in progress and not optimized or properly laid out yet but here it is so far…

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