Blue Buick Riviera

A Blue Buick Riviera on a Forest Path,
Rendered with Cycles, Denoised with the Super Image Denoiser.
What do you think?


how many samples? and it was branched path tracing or the other one?

The number of samples is irrelevant as it varies from project to project,
I used a noise threshold of 0.05 for the final render.

Edit: only path tracing, OptiX does not support branched path tracing

i meant, how many samples used for this particular render… obviously it varies from project to project… for that specific render was my question… i ask because it looks very crisp, no noise. Im still at the stage where i get noisy renders even at 2k samples… (mostly with transmissive materials and hair)

200 maybe.
I’ve used adaptive samples, I really can’t know how many samples it needs.
I just set samples to 10k, adaptive threshold to 0.05 and then it’s the noise im alright with.

The super image denoiser helps a lot with that.

you type 10.000 in samples? you do this? (and check adaptative sampling…)

Yes, important are the adaptive samples.

The high sample count is so, if there is a very noisy area, your render doesent stop prematurely, but continues until its noise free.
Usually it doesent reach 10k, for me it at most reached 2k on the front lamps on the car.

Amazing, this looks really good.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!