Blue Fox


(Ayoub_M) #1

Render based on a concept by Yann de Préval

(nanoradian) #2

This is new wallpaper for my smartphone. :smiley: Really like the model and colors. Nice job

(foxrender) #3

Excellent work. Is this fox swallowing the new moon?:spin:

(islara1) #4

good one
is it a clean mesh or dynamic topology?

(Ayoub_M) #5

@nanoradian Glad you like it, thanks!!

@foxrender I’m trying my best to keep it away from swallowing it, after all we don’t want moonless nights :stuck_out_tongue:

@islara1 it is a roughly clean mesh.

(alf0) #6

Nice work, I thought the fox fur is actually a hair particles, this is so hard

(Hadriscus) #7

Superb work !!

(NikkiGreen) #8

I like it! bright colors impress me :eyebrowlift:

(DarkWolfSoul) #9

I thought it was Hatiǫll X3

(zackluis) #10

I absolutely love the animation. The colors used are different from the usual and the thought of putting a sun in the mouth is out of the box thinking. Keep posting.

Research paper writer

(alvaro_739) #11

I love the colors, cool!

(iarga) #12

This would be nice as decoration for my christmas tree. Thank you for showing your work.

(taz15964) #13

Thats awesome work, love the hair sculpt and the stylised head, what is he biting?

(patricia3d) #14

Great and awesome work

(sylv) #15

I agree totally. Beautiful art AND bright colors!

(matbrady) #16

Wow! That’s astounding character design. It’s got real energy to it.

I also like how it’s stolen the moon from the sky. What a devious little fox…

Is there a story to go along with this model? I’d love to hear it. Kudos to you! A brilliant piece. :slight_smile: