blue guy with sword and shield

well just an animation test. i love animating but i find it very hard. what i love the most is leaning back and watch my animations. i have yet to make a real animation where something happens. something that have an apeal to other people than blender heads. exept one i made a long time ago.

some of you may have seen blue guy be4. thats what i call him by the way:D anyways i hope you like it and if theres someone who have any animation projects goying on i would love to help.

please post you meanings about it. well long text for short simple move lol:D i made it with a normal rig:D theres more to see about me at youtube

You’re getting better and better with animation every time you post- I see Blue Guy is naked now :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t really think that its head should turn with the sword- kinda distracting and takes away from the animation.

oh… well maybe not but it gave some more life to it… i ditent like blue guys cloth it was poorly made and the black blended in with the background. well anyways tnx for all posts i hope theres more to come:D

Looks pretty good. The only thing I would say that stands out is that the feet do not move.

Hmm, that’s something I didn’t think about. I guess it would be a bit more real if he stepped forward while swinging?