Blue Jelly

This is a desktop background I made using the technique from -TheAmiMan-'s “A Glimpse of Light”. I think it turned out rather nice, so I thought I’d share.

Also, I highly recommend his thread, you can view it here:

Large Version:


It is very hard too see anything in this dark environment. Maybe you have not calibrated monitor?

Hmm, I do keep my LCD rather bright, sorry about that.

I’ve re-rendered with brighter lights, so that ought to help things. See the first post to view the new images.

Cool effect, very sci-fi looking abstract piece.

How’d you do that color seperation effect in the lower left corner? Yafray?

BTW, how do you pronouce Yafray? I’ve been pronouncing it Yay-Fray, LOL.

Thanks for the compliments, although I can’t take credit for the technique.

It’s blender internal with nodes. The color separation is done with the Lens Distortion node, and the streaks/glare are done with 2 glare nodes, 1 set to streaks, and 1 set to ghosts.
I’ve attached a picture of the node setup.

About pronouncing yafray, I don’t think there’s an official pronunciation, but I say it the same way.


beautiful the blue jelly