Blue Typhoon from Sonic X in Unreal Engine 4

This is how I imagine sequel of Sonic Adventure 2. I guess Sega and Sonic Team might consider to make Sonic Adventure 3 on Sega Dreamcast if only their last videogame console got longer life span(I guess it was Bernie Stolar’s fault the successor of Tom Kalinske including Sega of Japan they killed Sega Dreamcast too fast and death happened so early). This area might be hub world/aka Adventure Field player might be able to explore this giant vehicle aka Blue Typhoon a space ship from Sonic X season 3.

This is a website for Blender

If he added the #epic-games tag, I think it would be ok then.

meh, at this point its only a question of whether blender is part of the pipeline.

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I just fixed collision anyway.

thats for the #artwork section. the @moderators have said this area is bge exclusive for now, last i heard.

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this isnt the only non bge thread and i was pretty sure the plan was doing a merger.

So I guess it’s not bad decent looking fangame project, right? Oops wrong section.

Instead of being slightly bias, devs should encourage each other in their same vision - Making games.
For example, Blender Discord (White/Grey) has -


Specially created channels for those topics.
I don’t think the BA devs are going to create another special thread for other game-engines, so at the moment, all we can do is let others post their work in this Thread’s Category.


Like pc game development software cross-play platforming support?

whats this game about?


Uh, yes :thinking: ?

Oh wait, are you Discord user BROXBasher?

Nope. That’s not me.

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I’m new and might not have a place yet to express an opinion.
However I’ve been in many game dev forums and sections like 3dsmax’s AREA. This mechanic/scene/prototype could be reproduced in most engines. When you allow discussion about games on design , mechanics, ideas, plotting and basically Dev. Instead of solely on specific tools. You encourage ideas and exploration for other creators.
As well as reproduction with different tools including “BGE?”. That reproduction effort helps to create and add to the knowledge base that benefits users of a specific tools.
After all if you reproduced this in BGE after seeing the shared example from another tool, than you can publish the journey to the community. The community can learn the success and failure of it. As well as how to Port from tool to tool.
Finally let me state like I often do about programming - "programming is a set of skills about understanding the mechanics of code not a language. If you can program, than you can do it in any language and adapt to most languages easily and rapidly. "
Game Dev is the same - the art/skill/talent of creating any game element in one tool is universal transferable to another tool.
After all Art-skills-talents are agnostic.

Now because I’m , well me - . Let me apologize for my wordiness, tone , tenor , and presumition - if it has insulted you in reading this post.

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That’s how devs should behave.
I think the author posting his work in progress game is to get some encouragement and appreciation from other people (even if it’s very early very wip and very basic).


Well in Blender 2.80 game engine is called Evee. I also something about another game engine called Upgraded Blender Game Engine.