Bluefox extension for animation nodes


Extension for animation nodes addon for blender
See demo


  • Animation nodes 2.2 or above
  • Blender 2.90 or above

How to install?

  • Download the file according to your Operating System
  • Open blender -> Edit -> Preferences -> Add-ons -> Install -> Choose downloaded zip file -> Install Add-on

Video is private :slight_smile:

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It is public now

Ty very much! I’ve been looking for a more flexible way of getting tension maps and this gives you a ton of options.

Since animation nodes takes in consideration modifiers you can just duplicate the mesh and transfer the corrective smooth effect to get a cleaner result without affecting the mesh

The other nodes look amazing as well, I haven’t tried them yet but it’s gonna be specially useful for those people looking for some of that C4D mograph.

You should link the last version of animation nodes 2.2 directly since the last release links to a 2.1 version and some people might have problems finding it (like me, lol)


Glad it helped. I will add link to animation nodes 2.2. Thanks

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