Bluemary from KOF


(Yun Chen) #1

Some Charactor learning stuff, still got a lots of detial to improve, but I have to close it for now, due to lack of skill, experience, and time hahaha :joy:
The charactor is Bluemary from KOF(king of figther), a game which I liked to play when I was young

I light and contrast up the first pic a little bit, cause I found it’s maybe a little dark and flat :sweat_smile:
I try fixed the problem caused by my using the bone on lips in a wrong way, that makes the lips looks a little bit weird :sweat_smile:

(alf0) #2

it looks amazing !!!
ther are things that can be improved , like the hair and the shaders , but who am i to gudg , i am no pro eather :slight_smile:
the model looks amazing though !!!

(Yun Chen) #3

Thank very much, :grinning: Let me learn more and try to improve it :grin: