Blur for cycles procedural texture

Using the brick texture node is good for everything except (for me at the moment) bump mapping. The brick edges are too refined and I would like to blur the edges of the bricks so that as a bump map, they would bulge out smoother. Can’t seem to find a “blur” node though.

Without resorting to baking to Gimp/Photoshop, is there a way yo do this within Blender?

Anyone? To illustrate; here’s how I’d go about coloured bricks.

The Multiply node at the bottom isn’t doing anything; it’s just a placeholder for something to replace which would create more of a blurred bumpmap.

have you tried to add a ramp node and see what it does
should better defined the edges!

another thing used the color and fac from brick nodes
might give better results

another way would be to make your own bricks with info nodes to get some randoms patterns!
then you can better control the joints !

happy cycles

I believe there’s a setup buried in the tests forum (perhaps in the big Cycles thread), that uses a manipulation of coordinates with a noise texture to create the effect of blurring a texture.

My Cycles node group collection (in my sig) also contains a node that can do that based on that method, you can check it out and see if it works.