Blur ( Glow effects) causing objects to become transparent

So I’m compositing a title im working on right now and i have a figure in the middle of two words, this figure’s ears are overlapping words and the effects ive put on the words and figures make the ears transparent. just some simple glows with rgb curves and blur, but is there any way to fix this?

You can create an object ID of the figure, then in the compositor use an index-id node to create a mask. (You may have to indert the mask) use this mask (the output of the index-id node) as the “factor” of a mix-node that will mix the Blurred image wth an unburred version.

Optionally you can manually create a mas with gimp/Photoshop/blender and use that. You can also put the figure on a different render layer and mask it out that way. But I think the easiest is to use Object IDs

thank you i will look up how exactly to do that as i am relatively new to blender and if i have any further questions i will be back thanks again :slight_smile: