blurry UV seams

I tried to do a minecraft animation,but when i did a test render,it looked like this:

I disabled MIP Map in the userpreferences and in the texture panel,and i have no idea where the blur and the seams come from.Without rendering,everything looks perfect

Any suggestions ?
I can upload my .blend file,but i dont think that would help very much,since my mistake seems to be somewhere in the texture tab
Thanks for your help

go to material , texture and make another one, use the image of your texture, and choose it to be with “UV Coordenates”

Found a solution for a part of the problem,i turned off interpolation,now the textures are no more blurry,but the seams are still there,allthough they got smaller.i think this problems belongs to the UV-Texture,but i i unwrapped it with "snap to pixels,and there should not be such seams