BMax Tools or how I left 3ds Max :)

Now BsMax has OilTnak and Teapot Primitives too. What is next wish? :grin:


Hi Nevil and happy new year my friend, i wish you a fantastic health and the rest will come naturally!

As next wish i think that available shortcuts for people who want to stick with blender default keymap would be awesome!

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Hi, Thank you and Happy new year.

Setting short cuts for Max mode is easy for me but I can`t make decision for set key maps for blender mode. But if I had a list of key maps and actions that made by blender user I can available those in blender mode too.


Hi nevilart,

great addon.

I have a little problem with primitives.

For example, I create a cone.
Give him
Shade Smooth
Normal->Auto Smooth

Each time the parameters (Radius1, Radius2 etc.) are changed, the cone jumps back to Shade Flat.
Calling Shade Smooth again is not a problem, but it does not work if you use the cone (or any other primitive) would like to animate (Animatable).

A tip would be nice.

Blender 2.91