BMOI Connector - Bridge between Blender and MOI3D


Here is bridge between Blender and Moi3d:

Windows 10


Installation through download:

  1. Download “”
  2. Extract somewhere and rename extracted folder to “BMOI_Connector”
  3. Copy “BMOI_Connector” folder to “C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.8x(2.9x)\scripts\addons”
  4. Run Blender > Edit > Preferences > Addons > And activate “BMOI Connector”

Install Moi3D scripts:

  1. Open “BMOI_Connector\MOI3D” folder
  2. Copy Commands and Startup folders to “c:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Moi”
  3. Run Moi3d

Windows 10 temp folder location must be by default

Thank you!


Awesome, but only for Windows? I have moi and I use under Wine HQ with Linux, is possible to have a working script with Ubuntu?

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it is a great tool… but can you explain me maybe on base of a picture where I have to found
this Windows 10 temp folder ?? or what is behind… because I installed everything but the transfer
is not running between both programs :frowning:

Or maybe is it possible for you to make shot video about installation and ideal run ??

Thanks in advance for your time and support…

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Hi Titus, what version of MOI and Blender is this compatible with? I would assume 2.91 should be fine.
I can export from MOI (had to create the MOI3D directory in Temp first) but when I’m in Blender, the export buttons are never showing.

I tried different Blender versions.

Even when I set it to a custom directory and drag the BMOI_TMP_MOI3D.fbx inside it and load a new scene or restart Blender it won’t load the “Send to Moi3d” or “Get from Moi3d” buttons.

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Has anyone tried this and got it to work properly? Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks.

:new: Tried it, and it works nicely, thanks, @TitusLVR !

Would be great if this would be available for macOS users as well.

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Thank you for trying and work confirmation. I will try to make a macOS version.


Thanks Titus for the add-on. I just tried it on the latest LTS version of blender and it works like a charm.

Now, I know this question isn’t specific to the add-on but I wanted to bring it up here because people who use this add-on might be more experienced with exporting from Moi3d to blender and might know of a solution. So, I’m getting a really nice topology from Moi3d’s exporter - almost perfect quads, except for how the edges of the different patches don’t exactly line up with one another but that is to be expected of nurbs. The issue is that there are sometimes many edges that end abruptly, connecting only to a perpendicular edge. I have been trying to find a way to automatically get rid of them in blender but the closest I can get to selecting all of these edges is to select the vertex that is at the intersection of a kind of T-shape and press Shift+G and Select Similar Amount of Adjacent Faces. However, this only gives me all of the vertices that create these T-intersections.

I was wondering if anyone knows how to select all these edges that end abruptly, as shown in the image below. If not, then do you think there is a way of coding it?

Hi, fastest way for me is play with Moi saving parameters and then use boolean cleanup from mesh machine.

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Oh, interesting, which parameters in Moi could help with this? I’ll try Boolean Cleanup as well.

You can also activate the 3D Print Tool that comes with Blender’s own add-ons, then use Clean Up ➔ Make Manifold in the N-key panel:


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Yeah I know there is not too much to play(angle and division) with, but sometimes I get lucky and most of the loops are fine. And also try optiloops addon
for example:

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Continuing the discussion from BMOI Connector - Bridge between Blender and MOI3D:

Delete the -Master suffix in the Blender Plugin directory

Open the moi.ini file in C: \ Users \ Your UserName \ AppData \ ROAMING \ MOI, change the fbx = 2010 to FBX = 2016


Is this add-on still working? It gives ‘export completed’ messages but nothing happens in blender 3.3

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Windows 11, Blender 3.4.1, Moi 4.0 Trial.
Doesn’t work, both import and export.
Moi create FBX file in it’s TEMP folder, but Blender does not take it.
What to do?