BMOI Connector - Bridge between Blender and MOI3D


Here is bridge between Blender and Moi3d:

Windows 10


Installation through download:

  1. Download “”
  2. Extract somewhere and rename extracted folder to “BMOI_Connector”
  3. Copy “BMOI_Connector” folder to “C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.8x(2.9x)\scripts\addons”
  4. Run Blender > Edit > Preferences > Addons > And activate “BMOI Connector”

Install Moi3D scripts:

  1. Open “BMOI_Connector\MOI3D” folder
  2. Copy Commands and Startup folders to “c:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Moi”
  3. Run Moi3d

Windows 10 temp folder location must be by default

Thank you!


Awesome, but only for Windows? I have moi and I use under Wine HQ with Linux, is possible to have a working script with Ubuntu?

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it is a great tool… but can you explain me maybe on base of a picture where I have to found
this Windows 10 temp folder ?? or what is behind… because I installed everything but the transfer
is not running between both programs :frowning:

Or maybe is it possible for you to make shot video about installation and ideal run ??

Thanks in advance for your time and support…

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Hi Titus, what version of MOI and Blender is this compatible with? I would assume 2.91 should be fine.
I can export from MOI (had to create the MOI3D directory in Temp first) but when I’m in Blender, the export buttons are never showing.

I tried different Blender versions.

Even when I set it to a custom directory and drag the BMOI_TMP_MOI3D.fbx inside it and load a new scene or restart Blender it won’t load the “Send to Moi3d” or “Get from Moi3d” buttons.