BMW 2 Series Studio

this is my latest personal project done with blender, cycles and photoshop.
3D car model is from
For more please visit my Behance portfolio. Thanks!

update: I did also location shot:

2548 x 1393 resolution

FullHD size


Really amazing render! Well done.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Just saw this on Behance. Nice work! it looks great.
My only critiques are that on some of the close-ups the paint bump and speckles/grain/noise could be better.

Wow, beautiful! Great job. :slight_smile:

Hi Maciek,

you did a great with this BMW car model! :smiley: Would you mind telling us a about the brilliant light setup you used?




Thank you guys!

KarelZe I used just 1 HDR for horizon light and for the rest I used Blighstudio
It works rly nice :slight_smile:


Really great one! Congrats @ptaszek, this is super awesome work!!!

Thanks for your answer. I’ve just downloaded myself a copy of your lightrig. :smiley:

nice rendersetup,the result looks really pro!

Thank you guys! :slight_smile:

Amazing!! All your works are unbelievable!! I love your style and I admire you so much as artist, I’d be so curious to see one of my models rendered by you with your studios light skills!! I’ve also downloaded Blighstudio, but it’s so difficult achieve your results!!

Thank you Guido!
We could try to make 1 project together if you like :slight_smile:

This definitely would be great!!!

I did also location shot with this model. It was 16k samples :slight_smile: and 6k resolution :smiley:

yu are a terrorist PTASZEK !

Amazing!! How long did it take?

Impressive work again! The car is perfect only the license plate looks a little bit flat to me (nitpicking I know :wink: )

Thank you guys! :))) Guido around 3,5h.
I wanted to keep caustics and do not use clamping that’s why I had to go that high with sampling. But why not :wink: