BMW 3 Series Compact (update on bottom of page)

I started this back on Tuesday.

Here are all the steps (The color changes are all from the suggestions of friends):

C&C Please, and f you need it, I’ll get you a wireframe.


If I critised your work I would only be critising BMW. In other words, it looks perfect. :wink:

although I don’t think you should use purple.

Thanks, man.

The purple was all a joke between me and my friends.

look forward to some “joke renders”

Looks good. The mesh seems to need some cleaning, around the front tire well there are some odd folds in the mesh. Nice start. I look forward to the result.

It’s back from the grave with new renders!!!

Well, that was fun.

Wow, very realistic. Maybe you should close off the holes by the headlights. The last picture has way too much Depth of Field, though. Otherwise, very very nice.