BMW 507 at the Murican Diner

Hey guys!

Finished this BMW 507 as a part of a course I did quite a while back but didn’t plan on using it for anything else than training. But since it’s such a beautiful car I thought it had to get its own scene. A 50-60s style diner (only because Elvis drove one of these) in a damp night environment.
Hope you like it!

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GREAT JOB! What learning you complete? I am new in Blender. On About 2 month. Planning to buy some courses. Any suggestions?


I’m not really a beginner since I’ve been using Blender for closer to 2 years. I know the basic concept of modelling a car but still like to do courses within areas that I don’t have a developed workflow. With that said I would recommend to have closer to intermediate modelling skills before taking on this course. If you are looking for a car creation course with more explanation and guidance through every step I highly recommend CG Masters Corvette course. It’s from an older version of Blender but it’s still possible to follow along and Chris Plush is great at explaining the process.
It needs to be said though, that modelling a car takes quite a long time and can be challenging for your patience. You will learn a lot and become better at modelling, but do not expect quick results.

Hope that helps and Happy New Year!


Nice work!!

Thank you Christopher. Also for you Marry Christmas and a Happy new year!

Thank you very much!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thanks @bartv ! Happy New Year!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Thanks @bartv ! :pray:

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gorgeous render, i love it. so smooth and sexy

Thanks, appreciate it! :slight_smile:

A fabulous old car, some of the older BMWs are among my favourite cars ever for their looks. The 507 isn’t my favourite of them but it’s certainly a sleek design.

Totally agree! I am a big fan of Chris Plush!

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Sleek is certainly the right word! One of these would almost fit in the grille of a newer BMW :grin: