bmw 650i

hi everyone

i know, modeling bmw is not interesting anymore but it’s a good training for new users. it’s my first model that i made it all by myself. modelling is almost done actually. i give my best for not using n-guns and triangles, back and front end is tricky for me. interior is very basic. every part is separate originally but i joined car body for wire capture. i tried to create detailed headlights and taillight just looking at to reference photos. any tips and suggestion or tutorial for lights is very welcome, i’m obsessed to create realistic lights. i need your comment and critiques for improve myself and see my mistakes.

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is there something wrong in red cycle, i try to fix but i can’t.


rendered version
i’m gonna try cycles.


Excellent start so far. As for the issue you shown have you tried recalculating your normals to all face the outside?

Thank you for your respond. As far as know all faces normals looking to outside, i’ll double check it, but it is not looking that bad on rendered photos. I am very rookie to the lightings and materials. Just looking tutorials and doing the same things, but can’t do it by myself. I don’t know the terms very well. New renders coming soon.

new render


i might suggest adding some hard surface modelling
and take care of the head lights
its not completed [needs some details]

and good luck
can’t wait to see some great renderings

KingofSpeed, i follow your threads these days and like your renders very much. Especially zl1. Lighting and materials are perfect. I’ll work on headlights and taillights. Maybe do some photoshop. Where should i start from to learn materials and lighting. It’s very complicated to me.

first of all thanks for reading my topics, glad you liked them ^^

And an advice for the materials is
try to compare your material with a real life car picture

for example, the camaro
i almost couldn’t find any pictures for a camaro inside a tunnel, so i went to see some other cars in tunnels
compared my [body car material] with the one in the picture, until i got satisfied then i made some effects in Ps
that’s all i can give

and a hint " No one is going to like your work unless you are satisfied about your work "

Good luck, and ill be following your topic until the end ^^