BMW car rig

Hi, i have spent a month putting together this (in my opinion) awesome car. correct shaders for the paint and all. Pic included, I know there’s an error by the tires, no shadows.

I have recently revisited the car, and went thought a tutorial to rig it so it drives itself.
I also included a customization to it so that the car can drift. This is going to be a comercial for a free lance graphics design company I’m starting to pay for my collage.

I’m am almost finished the parking lot. But will not render it until I have my renderfarm complete. Pics included.

honest feedback;


The car, lighting and materials looks good, but you could make the edges sharper and more even.

I think something that will really help this is an actual environment. A nice HDR photo sphere for the reflections will really help sell it as a real car. Be sure the background plate and reflections match.


I am not trying to be mean in any way but rather I hope helpful so don’t take what I am about to say the wrong way. That car is not good enough to get you commerical work, you are going up against people who will be making cars far better than this. that BMW is too noobish it is likely to get you some " cool nice model" from blenderartists but than again praise flows easliy on this forum check out to get a taste of the kind of people you will be competiting against. On this very forum check out works by guys like rogerp, kellyq, kroni who model some good cars.

I am modeling the 2006 m6 which is similar to the m3 that you have modeled and I can already spot plenty errors in yours. Demo reels that you hope to get you work need to be impressive and professional there is no room for noobish looking work.

Thats not bad! I understand what monkey says. Maybe you could try modeling the inside as well… and even more detail on the outside. Things you maybe skipped because you’ve gotton tired. Take some more time and then try to get a more clear render.

OMG! The work at cg-cars is incredible.

I could be wrong but a lot of the realism in the models are in fact dependent on the quality of the render. A good, detailed model is important but the images I see sells because they are rendered so well.

That Hu-Racer is pretty cool.