Bmw e30 m3

after finishing my last car, i decided to start on another car.
this time i tried the shrinkwrap method, and let me tell you, it works!

Nice start! I’ve been getting into the shrinkwrap method too, it works wonders! :slight_smile:

some updates:

The biggest criticism of my last work (link to it here: was that the model was too lumpy.
i tries to prevent this, now.
what do you think:

worked on the headlights:

long time no-see.
got caught up with school and stuff, but im back.
a nice little render to check 2.79 denoising.


work on the back:

and more:

Nice work. Love the close-up headlight shot. White wheels would look good :eyebrowlift:

im planning on stock chrome wheels though.
I might make a few variations.

on the bumper now

I’m back, and pretty much finished!

looks real amazing 3d pictures

Lighting tweaks

and more

door handles!
and logos

Tried something

after much deliberation, i figured that the m3 looks better outdoors.
so many small changes that i cant be bothered to list them all:

nice work here :slight_smile: