Bmw e46 m3 2004

I’ve just started new project. I’m doing BMW e46 m3. I treat this project as topology studies.
C&C welcome!


Topo looks good so far, smooth and clean.

Gonna be interesting to see the wheels, I always find those quite a challenge. :slight_smile:

Nice work so far! Keep it up! I just started modelling my first car, and man, it can be quite challenging. I’m designing my own, so I don’t even have blueprints to go off of. This looks quite good so far though! Topo is excellent!

Thank you guys!

@NID Graphic: Maybe you should draw a concept at first. Then modelling will be easier

I put this together quickly tonight as a helper for topology. My idea is to work with the subsurf rather than fight it, e.g. you can achieve the same results with less edge loops.


@InKontrol: Thank you for your advice. There is a small recess along the side so I wanted to make it without x1 Subsurf applying. Also I will reduce amount of edges under rear lamp. It’s hard to make those details without much edges. Look on the photo below:

After some tweaks:

Yeah I understand. I didn’t do that on my example because I didn’t want to waste time on the details.

its a very good model, Clean and smooth. very nice work.:D, and yes details are very complicated with few edges and vertices…

Excellent advice! I’ve finished the main body already though, so maybe next time. Working on the cool details like brakes, texturing tires, interior, etc.

Rims, tires and car paint test:

The wheels came out very well! Nice work :slight_smile:

Hello, I also tryto understand better how topo works, on a Bettle, and I may have a suggestion.

@NID Graphics: Thanks!
@delic: I have already corrected it, thanks for advice.

Here also maybe :

:yes: Looking good! :smiley: