BMW i8 in The City

@ peter18: I have the value set to .5:eek: and I totally am getting the same feeling about the city. It does look like a cartoon, ill try to put it into scale. hopefully that will work.

Thanks for the tips! They are much appreciated!

@Ibanessie: building a compilation of reference is probably a good idea.

I have a sun lamp aswell, which is making the orange light going across the buildings on the left. Ill crank up the lights though.

Thanks for all your help!

@yusuf: I really like the top one! i think ill give that a try! Thanks for spending the time to find those! They will help alot with the scene setup.


I have rescaled a few things, and brought the BMW closer. It looks better, and its almost there. Ill probably mess with more scale. I’ll keep everyone up to date. Please give me your thoughts! They Have HELPED! i love to hear from you guys. I will be doing a clean render when it is closer to done, this one was at 100 samp. and had no post processing.


What a lovely model :slight_smile: There we go, can see it now! Im starting to see some oranges and reds in the color, which is good. I’d say maybe go a little higher with the hdr. If you can render 100 samples relatively quickly, try something crazy with the value. Pump it up to 15 or 20 or something. It will help refresh your eyes a little too.

Here are some street cobbles and some cars to give you a scale sense (from google images)

there looks to be maybe 3 times more cobbles in this pic than in yours. I think if you scale texture so that there are maybe 20-30 cobbles wide, I think it will just help the scale of the scene that bit more!

Thanks, It does look better:yes:! Wow, yeah… that’s a lot more cobble than mine. I also might need to scale the buildings up, or the car and sidewalk down.

Thanks for your help! it has been much appreciated!

Here it is, and it’s looking pretty sharp. I think i might actually take away some of the water, but it is getting closer. Please keep giving me your opinions. They matter, and they help!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!