Bmw i8

This is my last model related to the new ecologic car “BMW I8”.
All Things are modelled with Blender 2.71 and rendered with Cycles.

Other renders with different point of view and colors.

I’m buying one of these… I wish… haha… good modeling and render :smiley:

Wow icredible model and renders…it’s so perfect!!! :yes:

If u have enough money why not!!! thanks for the comment

Thanks friend…

I like the blue car…this model is perfect, I think u can sell it in the market…

Market? what I have to do? :eek:

Go here Pal:

ok thanks…

yes, it’s right…you have to register as a vendor, so u can sell your model.

OK now i’m a vendor…so i have to modify my models and upload it…