BMW M2i - Concept

You can download the blend file here:

BMW M2i concept design.


Do you want a honest opinion?
More than a BMW concept, it looks like a BMW caricature.

how so? always looking to learn.

well thanks for chiming in with no explanation. Really helps me improve.

I forgot about this thread, but you’ve taken too much bad my reply imho.
It’s not that I must reply to you as if I’ve got to take a medicine.

Anyway, a caricature is an “image showing the features of its subject in a simplified or exaggerated way” (wikipedia).
With that I mean that you’ve taken some of the distinctive features of bmw and you’ve exaggerated them.

Look at the BMW Website. It’s the first step to understand the BMW design.
You’ve modified in an exaggerate way the distinctive BMW features:

  • The kidney-shaped grille (aka pig nose) -> Became a cartoon pig nose
  • The crease line -> Became 2 lines
  • Hofmeister kink -> you’ve simplified it
  • L shaped tail lights -> Totally changed
  • Shark fin -> Became 2 fins

Also all the front design is not consistent with the back. Simplified in the back, extracomplicated and kinda crooked in a random way in the front.
It’s an exotic car but its full body is a mix of a bmw and pseudo modern muscle cars’ style such as dodges or mustangs.

Got few time to write it, but hope it’s a good start to understand what I’ve meant.
Keep it up, and best wishes.