Bmw m4

Hi everyone,
this is my last effort on rendering a BMW M4;
Hope you enjoy :blush:


This is lovely! We rarely see such colors on cars or maybe I never did. I love the second shot. What is your lighting setup?

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Thank you, it’s your favor.
I really try to find specific colors for cars, but i’m really happy that you like it; for lighting I used different components. thank you :blush:

Do you use shrinkwrap method? Or NURBS? I want to try NURBS modeling but heard that blender is a penguin when it comes to NURBS.

For lighting you mean?

I like your description about NURBS modeling in Blender,
For this scene I just try to have a good lighting and render and I didn’t model this car

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No problem. The lighting is great. I fail to achieve such lighting setup.

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There’s a paid addon that let’s you model the car with curves and convert it to mesh.

The lighting setup you used for the car looks great, especially the background.


Looks incredible

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