bmw question

(Tommy5) #1

Hello, what pic do you like better?



(basse) #2

well, OF COURSE the second one… the first one is just a car… nothing clever about it. the second one has a feeling to it, nicer lighting and the model looks interesting.


(TurboG) #3

Hmmm…Are these done by different artist? Is one done by you? Are both done by you? Oh well…I think…The top one looks better…

(Tommy5) #4

Yes I did both pics, second one is created by exporting in dxf format and again imported in blender, lightning is done whit mixing blender radiosity and faking global illumination.

(sten) #5

wow…great pics !!

(bg3D) #6

I do believe the top one is mighty sweet lookin.

(valarking) #7

The top one is MUCH better. The bottom may have really cool lighting, but the vertices got completely screwed up. It looks like a wreck.

(0ptikz) #8

Well - What I really want to know is what app you used to render the first pic in…Blender?

If so - Kudos :wink:

(Tommy5) #9

Yes, Blender :stuck_out_tongue: