BMW z4 Hartge

Hey guys, this is my first post here, i began to model this car a week ago, i think it looks ok, but you know, there is always something to fix, i want you to give your honest critics, tell me some tips…

The modelling is 70% done, i was playing with the car shader yesterday, it needs a little more tweaks to look better.

(Sorry for my english, it was one of the reasons to don’t post anything so far)

Good modeling. Can’t pick out any obvious topology errors from those renders.

Thanks. I will render some other angles soon.

nice work, i modeled that before, it is a nice car, try adding a back plane behind the front vent as they show the interiors.

Thanks for the advice bat3a, i’ve put a plane there…

now, i got a question, when using material nodes, just one of them shows up in the compositing nodes,
it seens confusing to me, but, i’ve selected the two ones, and rendered twice, but the problem stills there.

I’ve made two materials to composite, one is only the reflection, set to “add” in another material, that is the diffuse and specular colors

how i set up the material:

Maybe it is not necessary, but when i apply mirror directly in the same material (the red one), it looks fake, the black parts of the reflection should not influence the color of it, but blender tends to do that.

So, there is any solution? I turned off environment lighting, because it increases the render time by 3x, thats why i want to composite the shadows, diffuse, etc. I can have more control over it, in a way that i can render a little animation.

The problem is: when i select the reflection material, it only shows reflection in the render (diffuse becomes black). Then if the red is selected, it loses the reflection.

the problem with compositing:

another test render (not messing with diffuse and reflections here)

I think the glass on the windshield looks way to clear, there should be some sort of reflection or specular highlight. I’m guessing you used the same material on the headlights too because they look the same way. In your last render it looks like the passanger side headlight is missing the glass is so clear. Other than that I think the modeling and materials look great, good job!

Actually there is no glass yet in the windshield, the headlights have, but they are very subtle (maybe i should use a fresnel to make appear more with the angle of view).

Thanks :slight_smile:

as you said, i think the shader needs some better work, because I could instantly spot a fake…maybe the gloss isnt as “glossy” as it should be, and the reflections are too high? or it may be that it was rendered with blender internal, and now just needs a better renderer, like cycles, or luz render, or even yafaray :stuck_out_tongue:

I figured out the problem with it looking fake now, for one, the shader on the car has the odd cloud like texture on the front bumper area, if you look close you will see what I mean…it looks like you tried to add noise? or less gloss? also the ground wouldnt be reflected that much, since the top wouldnt reflect the sun that much now would it? i think you may have added too much mirror, fresnel, and lowered the gloss too much, because a soft reflection like that wouldnt happen, it would generally be a sharp reflection, but the reflection would be tinted with red.

also the tires have no treads, that really threw me off…

pros are that the driver cab looks great! from this angle of course :stuck_out_tongue:

About the reflection “problem”, it was really between the monitor and the chair…
If i composite the reflection in the compositing nodes rather than in the material nodes, the result will be the same. Facepalm

modelling looks good apart from the steering wheel it’s way way too big.

what im saying is that the reflection is too much, try adding in some scenery (like trees and stuff) or even add a real picture to the side of the car, and then redo the render, I guarantee that it will look too blown out (the reflection i mean) so try it and post another ;D

Yes, i understand, i was talking about the nodes that i couldn’t get it right.

I didn’t finished modelling yet, i will add a scenery, for sure it will look a lot better.

I’ll fix that (the steering is not where it should be), thanks :slight_smile: