Bmw z4

Hi guys! I am a beginner and i will be glad to hear some opinions on my project. What do you think about the wireframe ? Is it OK?

Good so far. Wanna post a render with subsurf?

Hi! Thank you. I will post a subdivided model soon. I will do that when i finish with the edge loops (i have some difficulties making sharp edges, because some edges appear where not needed). I will work a bit more and will post a render.

Hi again. I want to ask you how to avoid getting this edges when i hit Bevel? I am a beginner, that’s why my question might be a little bit stupid, i don’t know…And if there’s another way to make sharp edges please tell me.

I personally have never used bevel with any car models of mine. And currently thats all I model.

Try to crease to get the sharp edges you desire even when sub surf is in effect. If it wasn’t for crease you would have too use more edge loops, higher poly count, longer renders times, not to mention the inconvenience of dealing with a denser mesh.

To crease choose an edge you want sharp in edit mode, while still selected press Shift E and either drag your mouse to the value you want or enter manually via keyboard. This value is also editable on the transform properties window (shortcut N)

However, there’s always a different way to skin a cat. Some occasions more edge loops may be necessary, or perhaps even trying to extrude the edges you want sharp in will get the desired effect.

Edit: I noticed your roof seems denser then your door. Try to remove un needed cut loops to match the roof mesh with your door. (I am talking about where your side window will go). Try to make the top as even as the bottom as far as cut loops go because when you model your window it will be easier and it will be proper. without trying to deal with extra cut loops

Hi! Thank you very much for helping me. I really didn’t know this method /i should read more/. I will try it as soon as i sit in front of the computer screen.
Thank you once again!

Yes, you are right. The situation with the back window is the same /even worse/. Definitely i will have to make some changes in order to match them. Thank you once again!

Hi man! It’s me again. I have some problems with the Crease Tool. I used it, and again nothing happened, and couldn’t get a sharp edge. Can u suggest what am i doing wrong.

I’m not sure why it isn’t working. But if i had to guess maybe your trying it on an angle? For instance the corner where you have an enlarged view of. You would have to apply crease to both the edges in order to pull it straight out. I have a ferrari thread in “focused critque” and I’ve also included the .blend

Check it out, download it, get some topology tips, and I have used “crease” all over my model for you to see. If your using 2.5 the edges with crease being used will display with an orange highlight.

In 2.49 the only way to tell is by click on at least 2 vertices in the edge and look at the properties tab.

If I haven’t answered your question clear enough, post a .blend of a particular area and I’ll crease it for you and re-post.

Also I forgot to tell you, when blender makes tri’s when you use your bevel modifier. Select All in edit mode (A) and then press Alt+J and this converts tri’s to quads. I also use this shortcut all the time.

Hi! Thank you very much for helping me. I will try the methods you tell me as soon as i start to work on the model. Thank you for letting me have a look at your model in 3D. This will help me a lot. And if ,after all, i can not crease the edges i will write you.
Thank you!

Hi there! It’s me again. I tried everything but couldn’t get the edges sharp. Something is wrong and i don’t know what exactly it is. I downloaded two 3d programs and imported different types of files /obj. 3ds… and so on/. What happens when i import my car is that the mesh can not be edited completely. I mean that i can not select and edit some of the edges. Maybe my model is not really structured good. Is there a way to extract the same mesh from the existing model but as a separate object.

When i edit the ‘editable’ mesh in the other 3d applications i can get sharp edges, and everything i s OK, but half of the car is not completely editable.
Can you help?

EDIT: Today I noticed that i can not select and edit the edges on half of the car, just because they are looking the opposite direction. (As far as i know the face normals are looking the wrong direction) Please tell me how to cope with this?
Thank you!

Here are two screenshots:

Hi guys! It’s me again! Finally i solved my problem. I flipped the normals which were pointing at the wrong direction and now everything is fine. :wink:

Hi guys! How are you? I want to merge several scenes but when i choose my scene in the Append dialog and when hit “Link To Library” (i think the button says sth like that) i get an Error: Nothing Indicated (or sth of the kind). Can you help me merge my scenes successfully?

Ha! I made it. Soon I will post a test render of the car.
see you all

Hi again: Here are some renders of the car:


follow :slight_smile:

Thank you! I have to fix some things before i go on with the windows, tyres and so on. Here is a carpaint render.
See you

What are you modeling in this in now?

Good modeling! Definitely an improvement :slight_smile:

Thank you Tdietz87. I do the modeling in Blender. But most of the edge loops i did in Wings 3D. This is for now. I want also to ask you if you have used Kerkythea, and if you have, please tell me how to make my mesh smooth, because when i import it into Kerkythea it turns to solid.
see you
thanks for reading

I havent heard of either to be honest. But I do know that you can probably achieve the same results using only blender so you dont have to worry about swapping in between programs. This may seem tolerable to you now, but when your car is almost complete with 100 different objects, you probably wont want to swap back and forth because it simply isn’t efficent.

You clearly have a knack for modeling. I say this because its it isn’t very common to see a model look this good, with your limitedknowlegde in blender. I hope that didn’t sound offensive, I meant it as a compliment.

My email is [email protected] If you want to shoot me an email and a .blend file with some requests I can see about demonstrating examples on your model in my psare time.