Bmw z4

well heres where im at not as far as i wanted though. some loops can be removed/moved after spilting up. you will notice some edge loops that are suppose to be there like round the front wheel arch hasn’t been done yet.


I hope this doesn’t sound too harsh, but I think you have taken a massive step backwards your first efforts where closer to the real thing than this revision. You are not going to get too far modeling this car as one piece you need to cleverly exploit the fact that car bodies are composed of panels and cut up into separate bits early on.

I think it’s a good technique modeling it in one piece, get the basic shapes out, and then go cut up the doors and details.

i see what your saying yeah it is a step back but it had to be done to get a more consistant edges later on when seperating it all in other words less messing about fixing misplaced verts like in the first one. i still have that file so can go back to it.