Bmw z4

Hey I am currently working on a BMW Z4 hope you like it

An overview of the whole mesh

The model looks good so far. It’s a little hard to see details, but the only critique I have at the moment is the gaps around the headlights. I didn’t check, so it doesn’t seem like they should be there. An easy fix probably.

Yes you are right, thanks for mentioning! I fixed it directly after the render!

So I fixed the Lights, some meshcleanup and the BMW Logo placeholder was added

Btw: This is my first Car i model, so please let me know if I am doing something wrong! Thank you!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the z4. one of my favorite cars under $25k beautiful build. LOVE the hard top drop top. looking good. cant wait to see more. nice topology . maybe a little creasing around the headlights but im sure it will be easier to see and work out once you start adding shaders. could you throw up a picture with the candy red met cap (not the cherry red car paint metcap) topo errors will be more visible this way.

The basic version goes for twice that amount.

lol, maybe new. I was looking at getting this car. sits right around 19k used, some closer to 20k but they had less miles and where certified used. maybe a 2012 or newer but a used 2013 isnt anywhere near $50k

Thanks a lot! I’m just not sure what that should mean, I mean I don’t know what candy red met cap is :smiley:
But thanks for your reply!

open up the panel on the right with the N key, go down to shading, enable met caps, click on the met cap and from the far right bottom click on the 4th from the right and the second row up from the bottom. should be a red candy color. and velcome

WOOOOW! That is freaking awesome :smiley: :smiley: I am using Blender for several years now and I never noticed that :smiley: :smiley:
Thank you this looks really cool and helps to see errors in the topo!

Again thanks for the Tip @ThorntonStrolia!

your right, it is helpful. it was just officially released in 2.6 (I think) I know some people had ways to fake it before then. That is not actually the met cap I was talking about. the better one is a little pinkish… its right next to a baby blue one. iether of them is really good because instead of a single overhead lamp they have several lamps that really make any and all bumps, even the ones you want to have there really pop.

So I started from scratch and here is what I’ve got so far

Sometimes you just have to start over. Oftentimes the second try is orders of magnitude better than the first.

I hope this is also true for my second render :wink:
It’s true! I noticed so many mistakes on the second run!
And I think the base model is now something I want to finish

So I added some new details, I think it is going pretty well so far

Looks really good so far, your second attempt is better, keep it up :smiley:

Thank you very much!

Here a front view:

I am going to quit for today. I tried to model the rims but I failed :smiley:

Yeah rims can be kinda hard sometimes…are you going for the 5 or 10 spoke wheels?