BMWX6 Update

Ok guys here is the updated compositing of the bmw like i said i would have up. As always shout out to Jokayo for the awsome model on blendswap. Its rendered in cycles Critique plz.

I’m not really feeling any GI here, which is why most people use Cycles in the first place. The glass, and the body for that matter, are quite flat, and not really getting any good reflections from the emitters. The DOF is a bit much in my opinion, and not even needed to be honest(for some reason, DOF, vignette, and motion blur are the “things everyone is doing” of late, and regardless of the scene, people just slap it on anyway). The render is pretty clean, so it has that going for it. :smiley: I don’t like the angle of the car, but that is totally my opinion. The tires and rear-view mirrors could use a little specularity as well. All in all, it isn’t horrible by any means, but I just think it needs a few tweaks here and there. Any info on the passes, render time, GI, Direct Lighting, blah blah, etc.??

Thanks for the critique. Well the problem is I rendered each part of the picture on different layers. Front lighting the floor etc all on seperate layers so when I composites it I couldn’t seem to get the flatness look of the car to go away cause it was on a transparent render all told it was like 4 hours of rendering the compositing very complex and kind of confusing I’m thinking about just rerendering it with everything in one layer instead of multiple layers. And I think part of the lighting not looking right was my compositing errors. But thank u for the critique I may tweek it a bit then move on to another project

Blend on, my friend…Blend on :smiley:

If I render the car on a transparent layer is there a way to keep it from looking flat

Im thinking that if it’s rendered all on one layer and then maybe a small amount of compositing would be fine more than the major amount of composition g I did I’m going to try and see what the difference would be

Compositing it should be the last of your worries. Get the lighting and mats right, check on your reflections, etc., then worry about it. You might not even need to mess with the final result. :wink:

Ill do another update and let ya know.