BMX bike

(TenMICu) #1


I’m working on a bike. It supposed to be short, “let’s just get warmed up” project and I kind of lost track of time after a while. From simple render to animation to low poly game asset (maybe). It’s a learning experience, that’s for sure.

The high poly model it’s finished, although I tweak things and fix mesh once a while for better normal map baking (and mistakes made when I worked drunk). I learned and added working drivers that makes wheels, pedals, gears spin. Chain works too, but I don’t know how to make it moving in low poly…

LP is 2,5 k faces so far. Lot more to do and to optimize.

(TenMICu) #2


Low poly done. First pass was 6672 tris. After a friend (lot better modeler) took a look and taught me some stuff I manage to optimize it to 5648.

It’s UV mapping time.

EDIT: UV mapping done. Could really use some better island packing addon/software tho.

“wheel cones” are on separate UV map. Those need some space for alpha map.
Normal map baking time… already dreading it.

(Addidi) #3

Hello, there! Nice one
What’s its use for?

(TenMICu) #4

Portfolio piece maybe? Needs to be lot more refined to be used as one tho.

Anyway, baked the normals, take look on skechfab. Yes, there are problems, but I kind of want to be done with it

Gonna fix few things and try to texture it.