BN gift card - Need blender book suggestions

I’m a bit old fashion and like real world paper books when I’m trying to learn new software. While I use Daz3d products, Poser 2014 and Marvelous Designer to create products to sell. When I look at Blender, I just don’t understand the user interface or most the features. I’ve been trying for a few years to learn blender and recently was given a BN gift card.

What I mostly want to learn with blender if the how to paint on an object however I it would be nice to learn more about the software in general. Maybe some modeling instruction would be good also. Thinks I can do with a object after exporting for Marvelous Designer.

Can anyone please recommend Blender books would be good to buy? Not sure when I will have money to buy another book so I need to make this purchase count. As I said, I need something real world to make notes in and use sticky notes.

Thank your time

The first two I’d recommend for a beginner or someone with a modest amount of experience are:

John Blain The Complete Guide to Blender Graphics and Roland Hess Blender Foundations.