This is an environment for a recent animation I completed for work. It’s for an educational program about banking board member’s awareness of IT risks. Rendered internal with 2.5.


nice! love the mirrors, and the table, and the lamps :slight_smile:

Nice render N00BIE, great light set-up, one for sure, you are not a newbie on this. Power factor of fresnel is too sensitive, but you could try this on the mirror. (if haven’t already). Well done!

ok its critic time: walls are a bit sharp for my taste, the board doesn’t look like a whiteboard, and what’s up with the floor? it looks like it’s supposed to be carpet, but then it looks like tile. another thing, that rug has the same texture on the floor.

turn on color management, or if you already have, increase the lamps’ radii.
use image textures for everything, procedurals are slower to render.
(that is, if this is for an animation…)
you could also consider baking AO

Wow, nice work N00BIE! Only comment I would have is along the lines of michalis except that I would decrease the gloss some, creating a little “fuzz” in the reflection. Table and lighting are excellent. Even cooler

how lucky are you!? :smiley:

Thanks for your feedback guys.

@michalis- I agree little too much on the mirror, I wanted to ensure it looked like a mirror, might have gone too far.

@ bojo600- the walls are subsurfed, looks better in the animation, any more rounded and they might look bullnosed. The floor and rug do indeed share the same texture, and out of everything in the scene, I like them the least. You only see the floor in the beginning of the shot, (the camera flys down the table and centers on the whiteboard, its just a five-second title animation). The whiteboard is too shiny, I had spec turned way down, but with over 50 lights in the scene, it’s hard to balance. I might have done better lighting the board separately, but I wanted the lighting to be believable and cohesive.

@ spacetug- thanks man! you are a sponge for knowledge, I modelled and did the textures in 2.49:o. Just rendered in 2.5 for the speed increase, about 50 seconds per frame. blazing fast IMO.

@Quandtum- I have a dream job. It gets very hard sometimes, but most of the time I am in heaven. My main responsibilities are graphic design and motion graphics for our commercials. With shots like this we get 1 day to do it, from idea to design to render. With this one I actually took two days and got reprimanded for it. It has really increased my skills having deadlines like that. p.s. FFL :cool: